Geometry 2D-Pad

Geometry 2D-Pad (v2.0) is new version of Geometry Drawer designed for iPad has the same functionality as the "Plane Geometry Drawer for iPhone" app but it has totally re-designed to use the abilities of iPad screens. It is much easier for users to draw geometry's construction on iPad.

The following picture is the main drawing screen with "adding object" toolset on the right side of the screen:

Drawing screen: adding object

There are different toolsets will be appeared if you have choose different objects: point, line segment, angle, triangle, circle, and polygon(s). The next picture shows the "point toolset", it appeared after selection point A in the construction:

Drawing screen: working with points

And working with line segments:

Drawing screens: working with line segments

You could find the detailed explanation of using each and description of other toolset(s) in the separate article. Now enjoin the features of the new powerful toolset on your iPad!

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